Hangzhou ConfirmWare Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005. It is a high-tech company which dedicated in automatic control intelligent equipment manufacturing and automatic integrated solution providing. Currently, the company involves the product areas include: automation equipment in textile industry, automation equipment in photovoltaic industry, and intelligent logistic industry. Products include flat knitting machine control system, cell full-automatic stringer, cell color sorting machine, express package sorting system. Moreover, ConfirmWare provides integrated solution for automatic manufacturing.

In 2010, ConfirmWare was nominated one of the 20 most potential enterprises for the Hangzhou “Eagle Cup".

In 2011, ConfirmWare was recognized as national high-tech enterprise.

In 2014, ConfirmWare was awarded as advantageous service enterprises of industrial automation and the first batch of "machine substitution" engineering services enterprise.The full automatic high-speed stringer made by ConfirmWare was recognized as the first set/sets of equipment manufacturing industry in key areas by Zhejiang province.

In 2015, ConfirmWare obtained ISO9001 certification.

In 2015, the team led by Mr. Ren Tianting was honored the important overseas Chinese entrepreneurial team.

Company profile

Company profile

Research on advanced control theory and ...

Brand honor

Brand honor

On 2015, the first batch of Zhejiang Pro...

Entrepreneur introduction

Entrepreneur introduction

Move thousand cattle with four talesby ...

Product Center


The KFW III-H type stringer of ConfirmWare is capable to solder monocrystalline/polycrystalline solar cell string, adaptable for 125*125 and 156*156 sized cell, compatible with 2BB, 3BB, 4BB and 5BB. This equipment adopts various kinds of advanced automation technology such as PLC, servo, four axis industrial robot, machine vision etc. It can realize the whole process from cell loading to unloading automatically, the designing capacity is 3000 pieces/hour.

Color sorting machine

Loading, color difference detection, appearance defect detection, unloading integrated machine;
More than 3200pcs/h;
User increase modules as requires, sorting system prevent secondary injuries.

The core business of ConfirmWare is providing high-end intelligent equipment for the advanced manufactures, replacing the increasing labor force with it’s high-end intelligent equipment, making due contribution to the integral strategy of “Machine Substitution”.


Practice goes deeper than theoretic knowledge.

What makes Mr. Ren Tianting feel pleasant is to fulfill one's dream with what he have learned in the whole life.



Once,the"Machine substitution" do b...

Four two dial a thousand pounds. In order to descr...



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Today, 2015 annual hi-tech zone (binjiang) gazelle...



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